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Who we are

H. M. S. Richards, a Seventh-day Adventist evangelist, pioneered the use of radio to present the gospel 75 years ago -- when many of his colleagues thought the new device was the Devil's playground. This popular radio programme known as the Voice of Prophecy soon reached around the world giving birth to Adventist Bible Correspondence Schools internationally.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland the Voice of Prophecy, more recently known as the Adventist Discovery Centre (ADC), has been serving tens of thousands of people eager to learn the inspiring wonders of the Bible during the last 70 years. The ADC continues the traditions of the Voice of Prophecy. We believe that Jesus born in Bethlehem came from heaven, lived on earth as a man, was crucified, was buried but gloriously came back to life and now reigns in heaven and will one day return to this earth with majestic power and authority. All who believe in Jesus have everlasting life as a gift by God's grace. When Jesus returns all nations will kneel before him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The ADC is dedicated to lifting high the name of Jesus, believing all human need and every human longing is satisfied by trusting Jesus as our Saviour and Friend.


Our Mission

The mission of the Adventist Discovery Centre is to proclaim the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ, leading people to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour, calling them to unite with His church, and nurturing them in preparation for His soon return.


Prayer request

We pray for our students and for any specific request every day at 8:45am and at noon. Send us your prayer request.

Our Staff

Maureen Rock Pastor Maureen Rock, Principal
Our Team has a unique role in that we are able to connect with all who take interest in our courses from registration to graduation. Students are welcome from within and outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland - whatever their background, culture and age. The letters we receive as a result also encourages us. Knowing that our work makes a difference and have given hope to others is very rewarding indeed.

Andrew WillisPastor Andrew Willis, Course Tutor, Free Bible Administrator, Online Pastor.
As I watch people gain a deeper understanding of God’s word, I know I am part of something amazing.

ADC Clerical Ann Holness, Office Administrator.
Every day I pray that God would reveal His love for the world through me and through my work at the ADC—He does just that.

Phillip Anderson Pastor Phillip Anderson, Accountant.
I have worked part-time at VOP for over 19 years since I officially retired and enjoy the opportunity to keep in contact with the church outreach and with fellow workers.

Job Vacancies