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Life Info Magazine

Life.info Magazine

It Aims to provide relevant material to help you with day-to-day living.

To encourage you to stop and think about a few things that perhaps you haven't given much thought to before.

Its special aim is to make you smile!

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Local Discovery Bible Schools (DBS)
To assist members or local congregations to offer correspondence lessons with their friends, we offer Discover Bible Local School in two operational schemes. Download pdf file with the DBS options and registration form

ADC Cards

Something Wonderful The Something Wonderful card advertises the "Discover" course. The course contains 26 lessons, written and printed in the USA, on the basic teachings of Christianity that make the Bible relevant for the 21st Century.

14 per 1000 cards.

For Your Journey Card For Your journey card advertises the following courses:
Digging Up the Past (Archaeological course), Discover (Bible course),Let's Explore (Bible for Children course), Health (Health course).
14 per 1000 cards.

Taking Charge of Your Life This card advertises the "Taking Charge of Your Life" couse which consists of nine lessons. The lessons are designed to help the student discover the secrets of personal power and success through an understanding of their feelings and choices.

14 per 1000 cards.

Health Card Health Cards. These cards advertise our "Health" course with secrets, shortcuts and solutions to a healthier you.

14 per 1000 cards.

Focus on Prophecy Card The "Focus on Prophecy" is an advanced level course taking the student through a chapter-by-chapter study of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation - 20 lessons in all.

14 per 1000 cards.

To place your card orders email us at adc@adventist.org.uk or phone us on: 01923 672 606.

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What is LIFEconnect.info all about?

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It is an online community, a place where people can feel at home and explore life together.

Watch the videos, join the conversation and make LIFEconnect your virtual home. (http://www.lifeconnect.info)


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