Hacksaw Ridge based on the incredible true story. Discover the Faith in 12 Lessons.Without doubt, Doss was a man of faith. He had been raised since childhood with a fervent belief in the Bible. When it came to the Ten Commandments, he applied them personally.

While still a child his father had purchased a large framed picture at an auction. It portrayed the Ten Commandments with colourful illustrations. Next to the words, "Thou shalt not kill" was a drawing of Cain holding a club and standing over the body of his dead brother Abel.

Little Desmond would look at that picture and ask, "Why did Cain kill Abel? How in the world could a brother do such a thing?" In Desmond's mind, God said, "If you love me, you won't kill." With that picture firmly embedded in his mind, he determined that he would never take life.

However, there was another commandment that Desmond took just as seriously as the sixth. It was the fourth commandment. His religious upbringing included weekly church attendance, on the seventh day.













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